Clarissa Dean

 Website Copywriting

You love what you do and you want the world to know? I get it!

You have worked so hard to create a business that offers real value to your customers and now you need the words to present this vision to your audience. Words that position you as an expert in your industry, words that attracts your dream clients and customers and words that makes the sales for you while you get back to business.

I am here to write your enticing website copy, either by building on your existing brand voice or by helping you find your unique voice from scratch!

I have extensive experience in writing website copy for big brands, so I am fluent in optimising your copy for SEO, creating tag lines that stick with your visitors and infusing your website with call-to-actions that your customers simply cannot resist.

I am available to write your full website copy or select pages:

Brand Voice Development
Full Website or Select Pages
Professional Bios
Sales Pages

A word after a word after a word is power.
— Margeret Atwood


 The process:

1. Proposal & Quote

My fee depends on your specific needs, but as a rough guide a full website package starts at £1000. Select pages projects, tag lines or brand voice development packages can be arranged. For large projects, I’ll create a detailed proposal outlining the costs involved.

2. Strategy

We will start our project by establishing your unique brand voice. I will send over a strategy questionnaire that will allow me to meet your brand or for me to help you uncover your brand voice from scratch!

3. Copy Wireframe

How your content is presented is just as important as what it says. In this stage I will translate your brand voice into a custom copy wireframe that will establish the behaviour flow of your visitors, determine the placement of your lead magnets and get every piece of content into its rightful place.

4. First Draft Copy

Once you are fully happy with the copy wireframe, I will start writing the first drafts of your website copy. When finished, I will send you all the pieces for review. This is where you get to include all your creative input!

5. Final Copy

I will make edits based on your comments and revisions to make sure your website is truly ‘you’. Then I will send you the final copy, as well as to your designer and/or developer, if you are working with one.


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