If you only do one thing today...


Look up at the stars. Make the heavens your muse and the moment your eyes meet the sky your ode to life. How wonderful is it that you have been granted permission to bathe your wearied soul in the endless sea of stars?

Delight in the stars. You have done nothing to deserve their beauty, nor can you sustain them. All you must do is simply enjoy them.

Do not take this moment for granted. Let the infinity of the universe wash over you and fill you up with a sense of elation and awe. Accepting your gladness in this very moment is the greatest gift you can render the world.

Take a look at the stars. Allow the sight of their distance to adjust your perspective. You see, our troubles are often so close to our noses that we fail to see past them. Held against the backdrop of the unfathomable night’s sky, they fall back into their rightful place.

Spill out the sorrows of your day and drench the darkness with tiny drops of your soul, extending a gesture of homecoming into the silent night.

The stars keep being stars, even if we do nothing but stand in our own dirt and stare. So stare. It won’t stop wars or fix the economy. Or help you figure out your next move in life.

But it matters. It helps you remember that your worries are both unimaginably small and that you are part of a vast and expansive universe.

If you only do one thing today, look up at the stars. And remember.

Clarissa DeanComment