Clarissa Dean
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A little about me. Hello, I’m Clarissa Dean, or just Lizzy, and I write words for a living. Currently residing in Leeds, West Yorkshire, I live a slow and intentional life with my boyfriend and our ever-growing collection of houseplants.

I am somewhat of a minimalist – not so much in the matter of physical possessions, but in terms of cerebral clutter. ‘Less do, more be’ has become my motto and I am continuously trying to carve out more space in my days - space to create, space to ponder and space to just be.

A little about the blog. One of my core beliefs is that most people need love and acceptance a lot more than they need advice. Therefore, my blog does not aim to give you a fool-proof recipe for success and happiness. Instead, it explores the art of asking good questions and embraces the notion that things will never be picture perfect.



I strongly believe that building an authentic life starts with allowing yourself to listen to your heart’s whisper. That little voice inside you that is trying to guide you on your personal journey, but that is so easily dismissed by the thinking mind.

That is why I have created these resources. To give you a few gentle nudges towards finding the stillness in which your heart’s whisper is best heard.


To get in touch, please contact me at I don’t have Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, but I do respond to every single email. It’s more personal that way, don’t you think?